• Dark Green Emerald Green Nail Art Design Ideas #nails #green #nailarts #fashion #beauty

    Top 20 Dark Green Emerald Nail Art Design Ideas

    Among all the nail colors emerald green color is one of those profoundly sophisticated colors, that vibrates with prosperity and well-being. When you introduce it into your manicure, it may seem complete with just this shade, but it is also great to know that there are other ways to take the beauty to the next level. Just look at this tribal nail art with the addition of emerald green and intricate gemstone pattern. It is so gorgeous that it would easily suit the same-shaded prom dress, with no doubt!

  • Wedding Nail Art Design Ideas for Bride #wedding #nails #bridal #nailarts #fashion #beauty

    50 Wedding Nail Art Design Ideas

    On the wedding day all parts of the bride’s body must be perfect, from the head to toes. The hairstyle that is in chic with the dress is very important, plus beautiful nails with a natural style and soft colors such as white, pink, peach which gives an elegant look complete your appearance. Here are 50+ Elegant Look Bridal Nail Art Ideas you will love, let’s find your favorite one.

  • Valentines Day Nail Art Design Ideas
    Fashion,  Holiday

    30 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Design Ideas

    Who doesn’t like to trim the neatly trimmed nails. Make sure your nails are as creative as your clothes is the art of nail art design. Today, the trend of nail fashion is greatly influenced by a variety of unique and creative styles that provide a complete transformation of your nails. There are many ways to make your nails look radiant and interesting. You can draw beautiful patterns on your nails with nail polish or even acrylic paint and further accentuate your design with flashes, stickers, semi-precious stones and rhinestones. In fact, you can choose your clothes from a range of designs, even for special occasions and festivals. For everyday…

  • Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

    30 Best Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

    Christmas is coming, so it’s time to do a lot of things to celebrate this occasion by decorating our home and preparing our Christmas elegant dresses and even our nails that suit this festive occasion in a noticeable beautiful look. Nails are so important to take care of, to add more attraction and beauty to your look especially in Christmas time, so let’s take a look of the most beautiful Christmas nail designs like red Christmas nails, jingle bells nails, snowflake nails, Santa Claus nails and a lot of Christmas inspired nails that will act as inspiration for you!

  • Ladder Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas #home #Christmas #diy #ChristmasTree
    Crafts,  Holiday,  Home Decor

    Top 20 Ladder Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

    Alternative Christmas trees are one of the most popular trends this holiday season. Instead of cutting down a beautiful tree or buying a Christmas tree you can do something completely different, eco-friendly, amazingly creative and money saving. Original and cheap ideas produce surprising designs that turn functional step ladders into a beautiful and unique Christmas tree. Saving money and exploring your creative side you help the environment and design festive, brilliant, original, and Green holiday decor. Creating a Christmas tree out of an ugly step ladder will help reuse and recycle Christmas decorations you have at home. The design is surprising, so there is no need to buy new ornaments…

  • Gold Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas #home #Christmas #ChristmasTree #gold
    Holiday,  Home Decor

    20 Gorgeous Gold Christmas Tree Ideas

    Whether you’re crafting a Christmas tree for the very first time, or simply want to switch things up for a fun holiday refresh, there are decor ideas—big and small—to spark endless holiday inspiration. Take a little decorative risk and opt for an extravagant tree, or stick to the basics with an unadorned pine. Whether you’re set on a color scheme or style, or have ornaments you can’t wait to use, your tree should reflect your taste and personality no matter which direction you go. From maximalist to minimalist, all-natural to full glitz, browse through 30+ Christmas tree ideas for some picture-perfect holiday inspiration.